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Graduation Story: Sometimes “Class” Can’t Be “Taught”


Attending a cousin’s high school graduation party this weekend brought to mind a “graduation” story of another sort.  It’s a story of leadership . . . and of some qualities that you just can’t “teach” — but that you always hope to find.

No Layoffs
A dozen or so years ago, the main focus of my HR position in a division of a Fortune-500 company was managing the HR side of mergers and acquisitions, which was a major part of our growth strategy.  In this particular acquisition, we were purchasing a small (50 employee), private company  that was a complement to one of our existing lines of business — meaning, among other things, that no one was in danger of being laid-off due to redundancy. (EDITORIAL NOTE: Wow, was that a classic “HR-speak” sentence, or what?!?  Why couldn’t I just have said, “No one was going to be fired”!  Anyway, back to our story.)

Cues From The Owner
During any acquisition, employees take significant cues from the selling owner  as to whether or how much to embrace the acquiring company  Continue reading