About This Blog

Written by an HR professional with 20 years of experience in organizations large and small, including those that were well-run and those that were “still finding their way” (we always look toward the positive, don’t we?).  HR Perspectives was inspired by some more “social media” savvy colleagues as a way to share some “lessons learned” from the “wars” of organizational experience.  My hope is that it can be a place of reflection and renewal for the (momentarily) weary HR professional in need of a positive (but realistic) perspective on our chosen profession — and maybe, every once in while, to share a laugh, a wink, and smile (inwardly and outwardly) over the occasional silliness of organizational culture (often seen through the eyes of our “heroes” from “Dilbert” and “The Office” — with a dash of “Seinfeld” thrown in for taste).

Editor Michael Brisciana currently serves as an HR Director/Consultant for a management consulting and insurance services firm specializing in the private-independent school industry.  Prior roles include a range of HR management posts with a Fortune-500 business services firm and a large non-profit organization.

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