About Me

I’m told (and I’m sure that it’s true) that in many ways, I’m a very private person.  I have several friends and relatives whom I love dearly and for whom, if there’s a personal detail they haven’t shared with the world, it would be hard to imagine (God love ’em!!).  I have to admit that I’m probably at the far end of the opposite side of the spectrum.  This causes some (including one of my brothers) to accuse me (half-kiddingly, I think) of being “very secretive.”  While I really do wish I could tell you I am harboring all sorts of “secrets” about “exotic adventures” and the like (somehow, the “Most Interesting Man In the Word” character from the “Dos Equis” beer commercials comes to mind!) . . . it, sadly, is just not the case.

I guess, more than anything, my “private” nature is driven by:

  • trying to stay aware of the fact that the world can probably somehow survive (!) without hearing/knowing my opinion on every matter under the sun (which makes it extraordinarily amusing and self-contradictory, perhaps, for someone like me to be writing a blog where THE WHOLE POINT is sharing your opinions)
  • my general belief that if someone is really paying attention in the “quiet spaces,” they can actually find out a great deal about what I think/feel by what I do/say and what I don’t do/say.

Be that as it may, I’m happy to try to go outside myself a bit here and share a few things about my background, interests, and other things on my mind outside of the world of “HR” here.  Any questions, just let me know!


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