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Tragedy Brings Perspective

Reflecting on loss and the prospect of rebuilding after the earthquake in Japan

Isn’t it so? We’re going about our daily lives and then — BAM! — tragedy strikes out of nowhere.  It can come in the form of a sudden serious illness, or death, or — as happened last week in Japan — a natural disaster causing widespread devastation.  We may be alone in our suffering, or our entire community — or the whole world — might be standing by our side and sharing our sadness.

Tragedy invariably brings fresh perspective — the reminder of what is truly important to us … family … friends … good health … quiet moments of good cheer and great fellowship.  Perhaps the threat of it being taken away in an instant is exactly what reminds us why “the little things” are so important  in the first place.

So it was with the tragedy in Japan last week.  Shortly after events started to unfold — earthquake followed by tsunami followed by nuclear fears — I saw a “tweet” from fellow HR blogger, Chris Ferdinandi, that said:

My heart goes out to the people of Japan. To discuss anything else seems a bit trivial right now…

Yes, indeed.  For the past week or so, I’ve had a post in mind about an HR policy matter, but I haven’t quite had the mind to sit down and type it out.  Out of deference to the suffering in Japan, I’ll take a “moment of silence,” as it were, and hold off on posting for a few days at least, and offer a quiet prayer, instead.  May the people of Japan know that many hearts and prayers are with them as they start down the long path of recovery and rebuilding.