Is There Anything Better Than …?

Has it been a “long winter” in your workplace the same as it’s been in mine?  

Do you get as much satisfaction from making job offers as the American Idol judges show when telling participants they've made it to next round?

Here in the northeast US, the blooms of spring can’t come soon enough for most of us. While this is true every year, this came home to me the other day when I realized that even the most even-tempered, easy-going, always-a-smile-on-their-face-and-a-kind-word-for-all people in the office were sniping at co-workers and generally walking about with forlorn looks (or worse). Despite the fact that Punxsatawney Phil has guaranteed the early arrival of spring, it sure seems like everyone can still use a few encouraging thoughts.

For my part, I thought it might be a good time for some reminders of the best things we get to experience as HR people …

Is There Anything Better Than …

  • Making job offers …
    Watching American Idol last week, I was struck by the emotions that came out as they culled the field of hopefuls to a group of 24.  In essence, they were telling “applicants” that they had “made the cut.”  In a similar way, is there anything better than having shepherded a qualified candidate through the interview and selection process, ultimately getting to make them an offer to join your organization?(Yes, I know — at the same time, there’s nothing worse than having to make the “you came in second” call to the candidate(s) who wasn’t selected — but that’s a story for another day).
  • Resolving Complex Employee Issues …
    While often emotionally and intellectually draining, is there anything better than working through a morass of complicated and conflicting laws, policies (FMLA, ADA, Workers Comp, etc.), and agendas and helping an employee and management come to a fair resolution that meets and respects everyone’s needs? 
  • Helping Managers Grow …
    Is there anything better than working with a manager who was initially resistant to your help and, over the course of time, helping them grow in their management skills — to the benefit of their careers and the job satisfaction of themselves and their employees?
  • Mentoring Junior Colleagues …
    Is there anything better than working with a junior colleague (whether a direct report or not) and tutoring them in the art and science of HR as well as the realities of life in an organization, and seeing them gain confidence and start to take on larger and larger projects and more and more visible and impactful roles in the company or the field of HR?
  • Helping the Organization Develop …
    In a sense, everyone in HR is an “Organization Development” role, whether or not “OD” is in our title or job description.  Is there anything better than realizing that, through day-to-day interactions, behind the scenes guidance, out-in-front public leadership of projects, implementing programs or benefits, straightening out reporting relationships and helping design effective team or department structures, and all of the rest of the myriad tasks and responsibilities that we involve ourselves in, we have helped the organization — and the people within the organization — move to the next level of success, profitability, development (or these days, even just survival)?

This is my list of some of the best things about working in the HR field.  What’s yours?

One response to “Is There Anything Better Than …?

  1. Hi Michael, You are right! All five of those functions make your day. HR Executives so often get results working through others that people forget how much influence we do have. Enjoy! -DP

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